Armoursales bullet-resistant glass comprises multi-laminates of glass and P.V.B. inter-layers to prevent bullet penetration from a wide variety of weapons and munitions.

The use of special polymers ensures excellent visible light transmission thus reducing eye strain.

Armoursales product range include flat and curved front screen, flat and curved side glass and rear light for most popular production vehicles including Iveco, Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser 2000 series, Pajero, Holden Combo, Ford Transit, Ranger and Everest which are mostly available ex stock.

Flat bullet-resistant glass is also available for a wide variety of uses including Police Stations, Bank Offices, Safe Rooms, Commercial premises, Government buildings and many other high security applications.

Available in all threat levels and all international standards:


• Australian and New Zealand Standards - AS/NZS 2343:1997 Standard

• EN Standard - European Standard EN 1063: 1999 Security Glazing Ballistic Standard

• NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569 - Protection levels for Occupants of Logistic and Light Armoured Vehicles