Armoursales offers a variety of options for blast resistant glass, window and door options as well as bomb blast structural protection.

Designed to absorb the secondary shock and be retained by the frame at the same time the no-spall laminate reduces the possibility of injury from flying glass sharps and splinters which is one of the leading causes of injury from blasts. It is important that the entire system is balanced.

If any single part fails the entire system fails. It is also important that the supporting walls are also balanced to the system rating.

Anti-bomb blast protection ensures that injuries from a blast are kept to an absolute minimum even in crowded areas.

In the event of a blast near a building the glazed areas will shatter violently, even if you are not in direct line of the blast.

The energy of the pressure wave that is created by an explosive device must be absorbed by the building facade. A too-rigid glazing unit will simply transfer all of the forces to the frame, fixings and walls of the facade, increasing the chances of the blast penetrating the building.

Effective blast-resistant glazing can itself deflect forces, absorbing as much of the blast energy as possible. It is also important that flying glass debris is reduced and that the window is retained in the frame, maintaining the integrity of the external building structure.

Armoursales anti-bomb laminated glazing protects the blast area even if the glass is broken, providing significant protection against dangerous flying or falling glass fragments from the structure.