Armoursales Fire Glass is an excellent fire protection shield and offers protection from flames, heat and hot gases while retaining high quality through vision and high quality natural light.

It assists against the spread of fire and helps to limit fire damage and is suitable for all applications where full fire insulation together with protection against flame and hot gases is required. Designed to be used in windows and doors to prevent break out of fire and movement of fire along or up the outside face of the building or across re-entrant corners, as well as the prevention of fire transfer from one building to another.

Fire rated glass is primary installed for to protect you from flames and gases on the other side of the glazing. It is available in different fire ratings and can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours when exposed to the harsh conditions of a major fire.

Its main purpose is to integrate with other safety methods including detection, suppression and containment.

The glazing is certified through heat testing where the glass is exposed to temperatures of up to 1500 deg and timed ratings given dependant on the amount of time before the glass fails.

Armoursales fire rated glass offers excellent visibility in the event of a fire and offers the occupants the ability to gauge the severity and how imminent the fire danger really is.

Obviously for the fire rated glazing to work effectively all other parts of the building, including the roof, must be fire rated as well.