Armoursales Opaque Security Glass changes from transparent to opaque, blocking UV light and providing privacy and security at the touch of a switch or in the event of power failure. The panels can also be controlled by remote control or timer switch.

The degree of transparency can be controlled and is suitable for a variety of uses including displays, windows, office partitions, bank security, skylights, conference rooms and interior partitions. Also suitable for domestic use which eliminates the use of curtains and blinds.

Manufactured from liquid-crystal glass as a laminated glass, with a minimum of two clear or colored sheets of glass and a liquid crystal film. In this window's normal "off" condition, the glazing is a translucent milky white. When electric current is applied, however, it turns slightly hazy clear.

The switch between the two states is nearly instantaneous. As there is little change in performance properties and because it requires constant energy to maintain its clear state, this liquid crystal window provides no energy saving benefits. Liquid crystal glazing is designed for internal applications, including partitions, display cases, bank screens.

Opaque Glass also offers a unique way to let the natural light in while still maintaining privacy throughout individual offices. With opaque glass, you don't need other window treatments like blinds, curtains or shades to control light or glare. Almost the same amount of light passes through the window when it's frosted. The difference is the light is diffused throughout the room instead of being concentrated in one area. The panels are also perfect for skylights, sloped glass and window walls in office buildings and factories.

Opaque glass can be incorporated into virtually any type of window system, including insulating, reflective or tinted glass and can be retrofitted.