Glass pool fencing is increasingly becoming the top choice among a growing number of Australians when it comes to pool fencing materials, and for a lot of good reasons.

It is a modernistic and stylish alternative to the conventional steel and bar fences that typically surround your pool and backyard. The glass fencing can even open up your space and give your pool area a fresh look.

Glass pool fencing offers the best option when it comes to meeting certain legal safety requirements while ensuring your aesthetic demand for minimal intrusion and maximum protection as well as enjoyment of your pool. Glass fences certainly make good pool fences because of their grit and high durability.

Glass fences will also enable you to look in the pool area which is an extremely useful feature particularly in the event that a child wanders to the pool-side. Glass pool fences will also be able to efficiently adapt to wet seasons without the need for routine repairs or costly maintenance. Another distinct advantage is that they do not rust and they are fairly easy to clean and maintain.

The glass balustrade of your fence can be supported in different ways and it would largely depend on the nature of your pool surroundings. Such technique can be accomplished by means of heavy duty materials or directly anchoring into concrete using vertical stainless supports.

You can also opt for a frameless glass pool fence that is typically manufactured from first-rate safety heat strengthened type of glass. With this remarkable setup, your preferred design features around the pool as well as the landscaping around your garden can already be combined as one without the contemporary segregation of a visually annoying fence.

In the 2008 National Drowning Report it reveals that 59% of all drowning in children under 4 years of age occurred in swimming pools.

The majority of drowning deaths of young children resulted from child falling or wandering into the water with the swimming pool the most common location. All children who drowned in a swimming pool fell or wandered into the pool. (Statistic 2008)